Just Another Hunt Day…

 (Lil Graphic for those against swear words)

28 June 2011 @ 11:25

The hunting had never seemed a problem till recently.  Now there were so many others trying to get theirs it seemed I would never find the end prize.   Yeah, and here I was trying to be so “human” because it seemed the right thing to do.  Dressed in my happy black and white satin getup with the lil tilted hat that matched and the epic steampunk glasses, I glanced around the shack I had ended up at. Mismatched faded painted boards covered the windows and the run down dark leather sofa and chair was so covered in dirt, who knows what color they once were.  The midday light barely made it into this crap living room.  How the hell did normal people even see in here?  I lean down to look under the table, ahhhh, there we go.  I reach in to snatch out the box there, when this Herman Munster dipwad decides to shove me out of the way.  I glare at him, my fingers inch towards the dagger strapped to my right thigh. “You can see I’m here right?”


“Fuck off bitch,” he turns towards me and grabs me tightly by the throat, shoving me against the wall with one hand.   The bad part about being 5’2” is people seem to think you are just some rag doll to be thrown around, the good part…. Well the good part is … the lack of expectation of others.  Plunging my silver-hilted dagger into his extended forearm, twisting it sharply and pulling it back out, I could hear that glorious ripping sound.  I dropped out of his grip as he released me to the floor, damn I hadn’t even noticed my feet weren’t touching, I roll away from him and stand to my feet.  I cough and gasp a bit as I stand there, This ass had made my cherry colored hair a mess.  He snarled in rage as he held his bleeding arm close to him.  “I”ll get you for this,” He stammered.  “You’ll have to find me first…” walking back over to the table, I reached under it, grabbed the boxed gem, and stalked out.


Standing in my box of a home at my black marbled sink, I washed off the blood off my dagger, it’s garnets shimmered on its ornate hilt as the cool water ran the blood away from it and my hands.  Guess I could have just not said anything to the big newb, but yeah why did he have to shove me?  This inner quarrel with myself had been going on for what seemed ages now.  Turning off the water, I picked up the lamb’s wool shammy to dry it and slid it back into its home on my thigh.


I couldn’t help but notice my reflection in the mirror, the tan skin I had chosen today rippled out of wear.  I ran my hand in front of me and watched as my skin changed back into my natural form.  Icey  blue skin flickered into place as snow white swirls and curls danced and formed their own patterns along my body. I felt my ears as they extended, and my ebony bone horns protruded themselves out the top of my head and curling up and around the back.  The red hair had now turned back to it’s crow color. “What ARE you?” I ask as I sneer at my own reflection.


Huffing a bit, I begin pulling off my shoes as I hop towards my couch, I toss them over in the basket of my extensive shoe collection.  Meh, I might be a packrat, but at least, I’m organized.  Well, sort of organized… at least, I knew kind of where everything is. I slip down in front of my wall-sized television, pick up the remote and flick on a movie.  Didn’t really matter which one, it just felt good to just “be”… Laying my head on the arm of the couch, I drifted off to sleep.