October 2017 – My Kpop Playlist +1

You know, since it was raining today and I realized that there is so much music that is currently on my list, I went ahead and streamed the second half.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Also, if you like the artists please support them by buying their music. 🙂

If the Soundcloud is down, you can always listen to the broadcast on my showreel @ http://mixlr.com/emadored/showreel/kpop-playlist-14-oct-2017/

Here is a list of the songs and I added the links to the ones that have YouTube videos so you could check them out  Honestly, who doesn’t love KPOP videos?

1 – GRAY – I’m Fine (Feat. Loco, Hoody, Sleepy) (00:02)
2 – NU’EST W – Where You At  (03:17)
3 – HYUNA- Babe (06:27)
4 – TRCNG – Spectrum (09:42)
5 – UP10TION- Going Crazy (13:39)
6 – VICTON – Unbelievable (17:08)
7 – GARY – Worry (20:23)
8 – LEE GIKWANG – What You Like (24:14)
9 – HA:TFELT (YE EUN) – I Wander (Feat. Gaeko) (27:07)
10 – DIA – Good Night (30:40)
11 – MOMOLAND – Freeze (33:47)
12 – PRIMARY – Pick Up (Feat. Sanduel (B1A4)) (36:59)
13 – DREAMCATCHER – Sleep-Walking (40:16)
14 – MONSTA X – Newton (43:43)
15 – VIXX LR – Whisper (47:42)
16 – SECHSKIES – Something Special (51:17)
15 – KNK – Feel So Good (54:36)
16 – GOLDEN CHILD – I Like You So Much (57:55)

If you like my playlists I have my live versions here: mixlr.com/emadored/showreel/

Do you like KPOP music or know someone who does?  Feel free to send me a message with your favorites.  I think it would be fun to do a listener playlist ❤

Till next time!!

October 2017 – My KPOP Playlist

Wow, I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I uploaded my last KPOP Playlist.  Now it is October and I was finally able to get it done.  You can listen to it via stream on Soundcloud.  I don’t always pick the most popular of the artists songs at the time, but they are the ones I like.

If you like the artists please support them by buying their music. 🙂

If the SoundCloud version isn’t working please feel free to listen on my Showreel @ http://mixlr.com/emadored/showreel/kpop-playlist-10-oct-2017/
Honestly, I feel like the quality is much better on the Mixlr stream.

(EDIT:  I added in some YouTube links for the artists)

1 – BTS (방탄소년단) – Go Go (고민보다 Go)(00:03)
2 – BTS (방탄소년단) – DNA  (03:57)
3 – GOT7 – You Are (07:40)
4 – B.A.P – Honeymoon (11:00)
5 – PENTAGON – One More Night (오늘까지만) (14:24)
6 – WOO WON JAE – We Are (시차) (Feat. Loco & GRAY) (17:56)
7 – BOBBY- Runaway (21:11)
8 – EXO – 부메랑 (Boomerang) (24:54)
9 – EXO – Ko Ko Bop (27:54)
10 – SUNMI – Gashina (가시나) (31:04)
11 – HENRY – I’m Good (Feat. NAFLA) (34:05)
12 – WINNER – Love Me Love Me (37:55)
13 – BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last (41:33)
14 – ZICO – Bermuda Triangle (Feat. Crush & Dean) (45:07) (I know it’s older, but I still like it 🙂 )
15 – NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb (48:34)
16 – SE O – Kiss Me (52:31)
15 – THE ROSE – Sorry (55:48)

If you like my playlists I have my live versions here: mixlr.com/emadored/showreel/

Till next time~!

Just another Monday….

Gratefully Mondays are usually pretty light for me…. which is nice considering on Sunday I’m usually trying to finish up all my assignments for class.  Since I’m in Art Fundamentals 1 this session on Sundays I’m usually trying to decide if I’ve done “ENOUGH” so that i’m satisfied with what I’m submitting.  My middle daughter calls me a “Try Hard”, because I am always trying to make things better.  Isn’t that what life should be about though?  Improving yourself?

Today I pulled together my current KPOP playlist and streamed it over MIXLR.  I uploaded the recording to Soundcloud mainly because I tend to stream it during the rest of the week while I’m working on homework or housework.

I tend to prefer listening to the Korean music more than American tunes.  Nothing against our music, but the Korean stuff tends to remind me of like 90s R&B, which I was always partial to.

I also went ahead and uploaded a few of my photos to RedBubble.  I figure why not.  If someone likes one of them enough to buy something with the image on it, go for it.

You can find my stuff @ http://www.redbubble.com/people/lanoirsoleil/portfolio.

You can check out my latest work on my Flickr.  This is my latest project for school!  Let me know what you think. 🙂  I’ll be really happy when I can move past the drawing class for a bit.  *laughs*


Till next time!! (다음 시간까지!)