About Me

My Story

You can check me out at https://about.me/emilysmall.  I have always been interested in art as a whole but I always felt like I wasn’t good enough to pursue it in anyway.  After being in the military and working in the IT field for the last twenty years I found that I needed to change my life.  One way I am doing this is to find my artistic side, and in the process figure out who I am. I guess we all find ourselves at this crossroad at some point in our lives.   Feel free to follow along with me on my journey if you like.

Check out my work is it progresses on my student blog @ http://emilyjsmall.blogspot.com/

My Motivations and Inspirations

My motivation is to find a healthy, happy and more joyful life.  My kids keep me motivated to keep positive.  My art comes from inside me and can show both you and I who am I over time.  I’m inspired by Life as a whole and by the ones I love.

Why on Earth did you name this site… I Em…Adored.

I did this because well, my name is Emily, and I would hope someone would adore me, though honestly that probably isn’t the case.  Well, maybe one of my kids, at some point.  I’ll just have to try to adore myself.  I also picked it because my avatar’s name on Second Life is Caresia Adored and well, I always really liked her name.  I guess I’m just weird.  Should I have named the site, I Em…Weird?  possibly.  When I was trying to figure out what wordpress name to get at the beginning, the only thing that they would give me was emjadored, which is kind of a mashup of my first name, my middle name and my avatar’s last name, so there you have it.  All that = I Em…Adored.  (Oh, and the … is because I use these things WAY too much and it just seemed to fit 🙂 )

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