Flower Girl & Inner Spirit

Figured I would actually start posting on this site so it isn’t just sitting here.  I started working with my WACOM tablet.  My first time really using one of these things so yeah… I am hoping I can only get better ~~

This first one is my very first attempt.  I used  Photoshop to draw and add texture, add my tag  and add slight filter.

Inner Spirit

Inner Spirit – 02 JULY 2015

This second one is also a Photoshop  drawing, I added a conte crayon filter to give it a texture..and to add my tag.

Flower Girl

Flower Girl – 03 JULY 2015

Yep, this is a process of learning for me definately…  We will see where it goes ❤


One thought on “Flower Girl & Inner Spirit

  1. These are pretty darn good for first attempt! I also use a wacom tablet, one of the rather cheap ones. ($99) It takes a short time to get used to looking up at the screen rather than down at the paper like we are traditionally used too. I also noticed you tagged #FullSailUniversity. I’m graduation with my bachelors in graphic design next month!

    If you wouldn’t mind it will mean a lot to me if you’d check out my site and latest blog post. 🙂 I’m trying to start a community of artists, designers & anyone who wants to support each other and discuss things 🙂 I like to follow all of my fellow full sail students so I’m definitely giving you follow 🙂
    Nice work, you’ll do great I can tell!




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